Leaders Building Leaders Core Values

We are so grateful and blessed for the opportunity to serve other school leaders and the communities they serve.
We are committed to your success. If you do not succeed, neither do we.
Our way is not the only way and despite our decades of experience, we know that we don’t know everything. That’s what keeps us hungry!
We strive to provide honest and transparent feedback.
Being former school leaders we know how challenging it is to lead other human beings. We aim not to judge any situation a school or individual may find themselves in. If you knew me well 5-10 years ago, you might not be reading this.
Transformation requires open communication, ideas and coming together to achieve a common goal. We run alongside our partnerships, not out in front.

Our Teaching Team

 Dr. Thomas Miller

Dr. Thomas Miller is the founder of Leaders Building Leaders, an organization that aims to be the difference-maker in the leadership development of individuals and organizations. Thomas believes that everything rises and falls on leadership.

He has studied, researched, written and spoken on the principles of leadership, strategic planning, as well as individual and organization transformation over the past 10 years.

As an Executive Director to the John C. Maxwell Team, he combines his John C. Maxwell Team leadership certification with his decade of research and experience to help schools and businesses navigate a course from success to significance through transformational coaching, training, speaking and consulting. He has learned directly from personal and professional transformation experts in the field like Seth Godin (#1 Read Blog), Dr. Robert Rohm (DISC), Dr. Paul Scheele (Natural Brilliance) as well as the John Maxwell Team faculty. 

He has written and produced over 100 hours of digital content and learning programs focused on effective charter school leadership, governance, and transformation. His dissertation study, How Effective K-8 North Carolina Charter Schools Meet Their Purposes, led him to a position as an Education Consultant for the state of North Carolina. From there, he set off to serve at a more extensive level, founding his own leadership company based on the leadership principles taught by John C. Maxwell.

He speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional
Development. His flagship talks and seminars on Leadership, Selling, Human Behavior, Mission, Purpose and Goals, Strategy, and Communication bring about immediate changes and long-term results. His vision for Leaders Building Leaders is to be a committed extension of any organization’s leadership team. 

Thomas has been married to his incredibly devoted and giving wife, Jennifer Elizabeth, since 2003. Jennifer is a former health educator for Brunswick County, NC and current advocate for young female efficacy projects. Together, they raise two amazing children, Devyn and Matthew.

Thomas loves to hike, trail run, play ice hockey, and spend quality time traveling with his family.


Katy Ridnouer

Born into a military family, Katy Ridnouer was raised to believe that it is her responsibility to do whatever is in her power to change the world; for Katy, it’s changing the trajectory of children’s lives. Since 1993, Katy has shared her love of learning with students and clients with the goal of improving their lives as better readers, writers, thinkers, and problem-solvers. In hopes of nurturing growth from educators everywhere, she’s shared her experiences in two education books, Managing Your Classroom with Heart and Everyday Engagement.

She’s the founder of VERITAS Community School, CFA, a public charter school located in Charlotte, NC. She served as its Board Chair during the planning years and as its Head of School in its first two years of operation. With a rigorous academic program paired with ninety minutes of exercise, nutritious meals, and conflict resolution skills, VERITAS empowers the minds, bodies, and spirits of students every day. She and her team were awarded over one million dollars in grant funding, received over fifty thousand dollars in furniture and office supply donations, and negotiated a rent-free lease for 30k sq. ft. building from the local school district.

She continues to add tools to her tool chest to give her what she needs to meet students’ needs. In addition to her Master’s degree in Education, Katy has earned John Maxwell Team Certification and uses her coaching skills to further impact the lives of children through her work with the adults who are the decision-makers in children’s lives—principals, Boards of Directors, and teachers.

Learn more about Katy on her Linked In page and email her at Katy@Ridnouer.com.


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