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Personal Development Programs

Tom’s Ten: Self Leadership ($10)

Feeling stuck? Looking for a new voice that will be a catalyst for your growth? These 10 archived Leadership Lessons will provide you lessons I have learned from my thought leaders and mentors, how I am applying these principles to my life and marching towards extraordinary results in the process.

Disc Personality Profiles

When you are able to …

  1. Understand yourself and your leadership style
  2. Understand others and how they respond best to a leader
  3. Adapt your leadership style to best fit the needs of others

then you can experience:

Better RESULTS and higher productivity
More ENJOYMENT and FUN in life
More PEACE, harmony and cooperation with those you lead and care about
More UNDERSTANDING and CLARITY when working with people


Buy Your Profile Now!

Shop in our affiliate store and within 20 minutes receive a full report and learn your DISC personality style and begin your personal transformation! These reports will help you be more effective as a leader. It uses a very intuitive leadership model that is easy to apply as you lead others. It shows you how to adapt your leadership style with specific “how-to” guides.

Prices vary from: $12.95 – $69.95

DISC Profile Plus Coaching Session:

If personal growth and leadership are important to you, this package is for you. Receive a full detailed report that notes your DISC personality style, and easy to utilize “how-to” guides to begin your journey to being a more effective communicator and leader. One of our certified coaches will take you through a powerful 60 minute coaching session to enhance your learning and provide you a deeper understanding of DISC. Purchase a profile today and choose your focus (Leadership, Communication or Sales!)
This product is $99

DISC for Your Team:

If you are interested in your team working in harmony, increasing their communication and leadership in the organization, this is the package for you. Each team member will receive a personalized DISC profile. We will spend time 1:1 with each member, coaching them through their results. During a two hour team training session, we will begin the transformation process and dive deeper into DISC and the personality styles of our teammates and learn how to identify the styles in others (up to 8 participants).
A 10 minute conversation will secure your training at a price that meets your budget.

DISC For Your Organization:

During a half day workshop, we will lead your staff through the DISC personality profile book and engaging team building activities so each staff member will have a deeper understanding of people, communicate at a higher level, learn to build relations and unlock the keys to becoming more productive and successful with others (up to 35 members).
A 10 minute conversation will secure your training at a price that meets your budget.

School Leadership Programs

Tom’s Top Ten: School Leadership

These ten downloadable archived leadership lessons will provide any school leader the tools and awareness they need to focus on their priorities, build their teams and learn to communicate so they can work on the most critical aspects of the school’s programming.
This product is $10.

Online Board Training

Board having issues but there is no time for training? Maybe you don’t have a board orientation program? Our ondemand professional development program for board members can solve all of your issues. With a self-pacing online module system Navigate will teach members their roles and responsibilities, how to develop and lead effective meetings and most importantly, the difference between governance and management. Each month there is a live teaching call to enhance the learning and provide an opportunity to ask questions. We have individual and school rates available.

Lisa’s Legal Series

Many public charter schools leave themselves wide open and are at serious risk for litigation. Lisa’s Legal Series contains ten critical teaching sessions on reducing an organization’s litigation risk in the areas of human resources, exceptional children, labor and anti-discrimination laws. She also leads sessions on what should be in your school policies and handbooks. By limiting your risk now, the small investment may save you tens of thousands in the future.
This product is $149. 

School Leadership Programs

Thinking Partner Sessions

Need someone to help you think through a problem? Our team of leadership experts and transformational strategic thinkers are here to serve you and your team. We will provide you multiple ideas to assist you in becoming unstuck and solve any challenge you might be facing during our call (We sell packages for 1 hour to full day with you and your team).

Coaching Packages

If you or your team isn’t working to their full potential, we know that good leaders ask great questions to help elevate success. We can help. If you have potential leaders on your team and they need help going to the next level, we can help them become a person of influence. Just like the change we were able to bring to Bridges Academy according to their Executive Director Merry Lowe; “Dr. Miller guided Bridges Academy through its transition from a struggling school to a growing and productive school.  He has coached and navigated the leadership team in the school to build upon strengths in order to achieve the best possible results.  His Critical Friends Group program has resulted in numerous school improvement initiatives we added to our school improvement plan.” We have coaching packages from 90 days to a full year.

Team Book Studies:

Our team provides mastermind book studies on topics such as: Culture, Communication, Organizational Health, and School Improvement. We will build a curriculum plan based on the desired outcomes and facilitate the sessions over a 5 to 10 week period, based on the desired outcomes.

Blueprint for Success

Leading a school is hard and it does not come with easy to follow instructions. Every day you are putting out new fires dealing with different challenges. This program will provide any school leader with a framework for developing the necessary systems and characteristics that every effective school across the world has. You will have access to weekly mentoring and on demand resources that will assist you and your team in ensuring your school is the top choice for all families and effective teachers in the surrounding community.

This product is $399.

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