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First, let me thank you for your commitment to professional development as a public charter school governing board member.

As a former charter school principal, state consultant, governance trainer and now Board Chair of a public charter school I know…

No other singular variable is more important for the health and vitality of a school than the way it is governed. 

Every failure of a charter school can be traced back, in some form or fashion, to the board that governs the school.

When governing board members commit to professional development and training , this best practice of life-long learning is modeled for other members of the school community including administration, staff, and the parent community at the school.

Many boards are not able to recruit the specific skills sets needed to effectively oversee the charter school

(a multi-million dollar public enterprise)

When you combine this lack of skill set with the lack of professional development on how a board shall govern the following situation unfolds:

1 – The public charter school board meetings are filled with trivial dialogue, lacking specific focus or strategic decision making to navigate the organization towards its goals.
2 – The public charter school board does not realize they have a problem until they get into trouble legally or financially.

Watch this video to learn about the Navigate course.

How the Navigate Series Will Benefit Every Board Member

Navigate is a step-by-step program any level charter school board member and school leader can utilize to build or strengthen their current model and navigate the organization towards significance!

The program has three components to meet a board members schedule:

Monthly professional development plan

with archived recordings on best practices in charter school governance.

Monthly live teaching calls

with Q & A sessions available every last Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Templates for success

and other governance resources to strengthen any board’s structure and practices
Navigate was developed to provide public charter school board members and leaders an ongoing professional development series that they can utilize to effective develop, orient and equip the current and future members of their board of directors. By going through the information, watching the videos and completing the governance strengthening exercises each month public charter school boards will be more equipped to truly define what success looks like in the organization they oversee and meet their promise to the students and families who they are entrusted to serve.
I wanted to personally thank your again for a great training session with the HC Board! I learned so much!!! You broke the material down and made it manageable to attain. I hope this is just the beginning of a long term investment for HC. Erica Shoulders

Board member, Henderson Collegiate

Early Bird Enrollment only $49

Special rates for full board membership. Email

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Designing Your High Performing
Charter School Board

For the next 12 months, we will guide you through a process to help each board member

Understand the fiduciary, legal, and ethical roles and responsibilities
Understand the fiduciary, legal, and ethical roles and responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit board governing a public charter school
Posess the necessary tools for success
Experience the satisfaction of having the tools needed to be a committed, productive board member
Improve Confidence
Leave each meeting feeling confident in their decision making and know, not assume, the organization is navigating towards their mission and vision. Teachings are based on the most critical leadership principles
Improve Communication
Effectively communicate the school’s mission.
Strategic Planning
Develop and execute a sound strategic plan.
Best Practices
Receive best practices resources in the areas of leadership, academics, governance, operations and finances to assess where you are and an implementation plan to get to where you aim to be.

In joining this program you are making a commitment to yourself, a commitment to the community you aim to serve, and a commitment to the Leaders Building Leaders teaching team as your guides.

It will be an exciting journey, and a journey we will be with you every step of the way!

Tom has a particularly good style for this work and clearly knows his material. The Board was very complimentary of his presentation; the work product was clear and efficient in conveying the outcomes. Steve Holdaway

Board Chair, The Expedition School

How It Works

This is a continuity program.

There is no official start and end date.

Once you, or a school, enrolls in the Navigate program, the entire board and leadership team will receive access to our online portal. Over the next 12 months, you will receive monthly live teaching lessons with Q and A sessions with the teaching team. In addition, you will receive summary teaching and resource videos focused on the characteristics of effective charter school governance, board leadership resources, governance strengthening exercises, a 12 month outcomes based calendar, study guides, and more for less than $1 a day.

We know everyone learns differently, so we are providing the training resources in a variety of different formats to better suit your particular learning style.

This is the first time that Tom Miller and the team has offered this new program of all new, never before taught, school life-changing information.  

This is my first year on our board, but I have served on school committees for almost five years. I came away with a much clearer understanding of my role as a board member and a greater sense of confidence as well. Again, thanks for coming to our campus.. Margery Sherrill

Board Member, Lake Lure Classical Academy

Governance Modules Include:


Roles and Responsibilities

Board Structure

Fiscal Oversight and Planning


Policy Development

Leading Effective Meetings

Strategic Goal Setting and Planning

Board Chair 101

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