Leadership Assessment

If organizations do not measure the performance of the school leader, how will the leader know whether they are improving? How will the board of the organization ever understand if the leader has the skills and abilities to meet their mission? If the leader is not evaluated, what would motivate them to improve or what would they strive for?

Our team has designed effective tools to measure the overall effectiveness of any public charter school leader. Through a 360 Degree tool and DISC Personality Style Assessment a school leader will learn how others are experiencing your leadership.

In addition, our evaluations will also measure:

  • How well the school leader is achieving the outcomes in the charter.
  • How well the school leader is handling school finances and minimizing risks.
  • How well the school leader is cooperating with the school’s authorizer.
  • How well the school leader is complying with various statutory and regulatory obligations, as well as written board policies.
  • How well the school leader is meeting the needs of the majority of faculty, parents, & students.
  • How well is the school leader able to meet the tenets of the job description?
  • How well is the school leader meeting their personal and professional development goals?

To grow in leadership, one must grow in influence. Our tools are designed to garner feedback from you and the organization’s stakeholders to identify areas to lift your leadership lid.

Tom has a particularly good style for this work and clearly knows his material. The Board was very complimentary of his presentation; the work product was clear and efficient in conveying the outcomes.  Steve Holdaway (Board Chair, The Expedition School)

Our team will help you design an evaluation plan for your leader to navigate a desired path towards professional growth for the school leader and ultimately the entire organization.

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