Governance Training

Does your board meeting last longer than 90 minutes with very little progress towards what really matters?

Do you spend more time talking about field trips and operational issues rather than setting strategic goals and analyzing the organization’s health?

Is the first time your board has read any of your reports when the item comes up on the agenda?

If so, do not worry, so do most of the public charter school boards I have observed.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Our personalized and highly effective governance training series will focus your board and school leadership on direct discussion and action in regards to the priorities of the organization. Dialogue is NOT decision making.

Strategic Retreats

Board Observation and Feedback Sessions

If it does not inform the board of HOW WELL the organization’s plans are serving the needs of our children, it does NOT belong on the agenda.

“Tom’s training is critical to the education and professionalization of any charter school board.  As an attorney and board member, I found his training an indispensable component to risk management and crisis prevention.” Lisa Gordon-Stella Esq. (Board Member, Maureen Joy Charter)

High functioning public charter school boards have diligently prepared to govern for what really matters through their:

high functioning boards

Leaders Building Leaders will develop a unique and differentiated professional development map that will support board members of all experience levels in the areas of:

  • Recruiting and Cultivating Board Members
  • Create an Effective Governance Composition and Structure
  • Understanding Roles and Responsibilities
  • Strategic Goal Setting
  • Leading Purposeful Meetings
  • Developing and Adopting Effective Policies
  • Board and Executive Evaluation and Development
  • Developing Focused Agendas
  • Produce Proper Board Minutes
  • Avoid Open Meeting Laws Violations
  • Create an Outcomes Based Calendar
  • Strengthen Stakeholder Relationships

In addition to facilitating quality professional development, our team will work intimately with boards and school leaders to develop, support the implementation of, and continually coach leadership teams through the strategic planning process and school improvement initiatives that lead to effective oversight, sustained board practices, solid academics and promises kept.

Email to see how you can gain access to our Virtual Governance Training Series: Navigate: Perfect for orientation and development of your entire board! 

Each board member will benefit by

  • Identifying and possessing a clear understanding of how they can ensure that their valuable time and talents are being used effectively lead the board
  • Understanding the fiduciary, legal, and ethical roles and responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit board governing a public charter school
  • Experiencing the satisfaction of having the tools needed to be a committed, productive board member
  • Leaving each meeting feeling confident in their decision making and know, not assume, the organization is navigating towards their mission and vision

Schedule a session for details on how we can help set a clear path towards purposeful meetings and effective oversight!


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