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Effective boards know what they are responsible for and how their role gives the greatest return to the organization’s success. This module will clarify the roles and responsibilities for board members to ensure they fill their role with diligence rather than find a role they believe needs to be filled.

Great organizations start with WHO, not WHAT. High Impact public charter school boards are intentional with their board member recruitment, orientation and development. This session will provide participants with the framework for a recruitment plan and ideas of how to develop and utilize each member’s specific skills, strengthening the organization as a whole.

High impact boards know how to focus each meeting on the organization’s key priorities and get results through decisive action, not trivial dialogue. This session will provide board’s with a template for leading and facilitating meetings that will navigate the organization from success to significance by focusing on what’s most critical to the organization’s success.

Two main concerns for public charter school boards should be: (1) Are students learning? (2) Is all of the money been taken care of? However, if you read the board meeting minutes of most public charter schools, you may have a difficult time answering these questions. This session will focus on the business aspect of education, an area that many school leaders and board members shy away from.

The most effective boards have an engaging committee structure that executes the bulk of the organizations governance responsibilities. This module will teach the board how to design their own structure to ensure meetings are focused on action and strategy…not discussing challenges.

The session will illustrate how written policies provide essential direction and leadership in creating a culture of wellness and support for the long-term health and well-being of employees, students, and all of the school’s constituents. Along with a clear process for policy development, this session will also provide an overview of different policies that boards are required to have in place.

Celebrating an organization’s success is a critical component of effective oversight. High impact boards identify and communicate the specific evidences they will accept to demonstrate the organization’s progress on the school’s goals. This session will teach boards how to effectively identify and communicate the acceptable evidences demonstrating the school’s progress towards its goals.

As the volunteer leaders of the organization, board members need to learn to communicate in a way that connects with others. This session will provide strategies and practices that will teach board members how to connect with their fellow board members and stakeholders so their sense of community improves, and their ability to create teamwork increases.

Annually, the board should take the time to reflect on the organization’s year (academic, culture and fiscal). This session will provide a structure and deliverables to leading an effective organizational retreat, as well as ensuring the deliverables from the retreat become the behaviors for the upcoming year.

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