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The Leadership Game

Everything Rises and Falls On Leadership

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

An effective tool to help leaders and their team uncover leadership strengths and areas for improvement.

All participants walk away with actionable techniques to become better and more effective leaders.

Areas Covered:

  • Leadership Development
  • Improved Communication
  • Personal Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Personal Growth
leadership game

“Personal Growth Precedes Team Growth”

Immediate Benefits of the Leadership Game

leadership communication

An opportunity for your team to be heard in a safe setting

open communication

A setting that facilitates open communication

strengths and gaps

Reveals personal & team strengths and gaps

organizational assessment

Provides an assessment for your organization’s health

Actionable results of the Leadership Game

leadership priorities

Learn techniques to enhance personal & organizational leadership

leadership strategy

Set strategies for improvement over the next six to twelve months

See how organizations around the world are using the Leadership Game to transform their teams & accelerate their business growth.

“Managers report 60 to 90 percent of their time is usually spent in group activities, but that that they receive little or no training in skills needed to work efficiently in groups.”

“Teams are not only in sports. Highly successful organizations have a team or teams within their organization.”


Let us show you how to build a team in your organization.

Thomas Miller | Owner, Leaders Building Leaders

What’s Next?

Just send us a message or give us a call to see if the Leadership Game is a good fit for your organization.

Leadership Game Testimonials

I am grateful for your wiliness to share The Leadership Game with our faculty here at The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders. It was a fun way to break the ice and start some of those difficult crucial conversations.Since we are such a young faculty, this was a creative way to help us as we build a  culture of trust within our school. My entire faculty seemingly enjoyed the game and has continued to discuss several of the hot topics discussed at the meeting. Thanks for showing us a new way to discuss and share ideas.

Charlotte D. Wilson, M.Ed

Principal, The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders

Dr. Miller, for a great activity to encourage the leadership team to work together more intentionally and to give more thorough thought to our own leadership and the leadership we provide the organization.

April Goff

High School Principal, Kestrel Heights

I wanted to send a little note of thanks for your presence today. The team building/leadership training we conducted was hands down amazing. Today, I felt we made some leeway- and sparked some enthusiasm in my thought process.

B. Buckholz

Business, HR & Licensure coordinator, Kestrel Heights

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