Year after year, Leaders Building Leaders has one goal: Be YOUR Amazon for public charter school support. That’s why we’re constantly innovating, improving, and refining our professional services. Thank you for your loyal support. It’s truly because of you that we can do what we do.

Here’s a look back at 2018’s bright spots:

365 Days of Making it Happen

Raising Student Achievement!

  • 50% (5 of 10) of our partner schools raised a full letter grade!
  • 40% (4 of 10) of our partner schools exceeded academic growth!

Building Leaders!

  • LBL conducted 117 leadership trainings and talks across the country, impacting over 500 school and teacher leaders!

Growing a Network!

  • LBL supported 84 public charter schools through training, consulting, and coaching through our transformation programs, such as the Principal Consortium, Leadership Roundtable, and Regional Board Retreats.

Accelerating Schools!

  • LBL assisted public charter schools in securing over $1.35 million dollars in Federal, State, and private grants to accelerate their mission based programming.

Building Partnerships!

  • LBL and partner, the NC Association for Public Charter Schools, launched the Charter School Business Network and conducted Legislative Roundtables as opportunities to learn pain points in an effort to impact legislative change.  

Strengthening Boards!

  • LBL facilitated 24 strategic retreats for public charter schools boards and their leadership teams!

We are Working with Winners!

  • LBL’s Principal Consortium members visited 7 public charter schools that ranked in the top 50 public schools according to national accredited organizations,
  • LBL’s partner school, Socrates Academy, was named a Blue Ribbon School in 2018.
  • Longtime LBL partner, Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy, was ranked the 3rd best charter school in the nation and the best elementary (charter or district) in Charlotte and North Carolina.

Supporting the Charter School Movement!

  • LBL supported the application, approval, and opening of 8 public charter schools in 2018.
  • LBL served as mentors and thought partners to 14 public charter school leaders.
  • LBL spoke at five statewide conferences to reach an additional 300 leaders.

Smile Making. Wish Granting. Giving Back.

LBL also believe it’s important to give back to our communities, volunteer our time, and donate to charitable causes. Below are just a few ways we made a difference this year:

Impacting Youth!

  • LBL team members conducted 25 free youth leadership trainings, reaching over 6,000 students across the country.

Giving Time!

  • LBL completed 75 hours of community service.

Donating Dollars!

  • LBL donated over $2,000 back to schools to assist families and to purchase resources and programs to enhance adult learning and programming.
  • LBL teamed up with non-profits to donate a bike to a child in need and put gifts under the tree this past Christmas for a homeless family of five in Charlotte.

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