On October 12, Leaders Building Leaders will be hosting a simulcast of Live2Lead. This leader development experience is designed to equip participants with new perspectives, practical tools, and key takeaways. This year, Live2Lead is welcoming an inspiring line-up of speakers: Daniel Pink, Carly Fiorina, Tyler Perry, John Maxwell, and Debra Searle. You don’t want to miss this!

This day is made possible by the generosity of our Premiere sponsor,  Acadia Northstar, a company that is a longtime partner with Leaders Building Leaders because of our common commitment to serving public charter schools.

Founded in 2001, Acadia NorthStar is the largest provider of charter school financial and student information management services in North Carolina. The business started with the goal to remove stresses from schools so that everyone at the school could be engaged in serving students.  According to one client, charter school board advisor, Terrance McCaffery, they are achieving this. He said, “I see Acadia NorthStar as a trusted partner who relieves the financial administration worry from the school so that they can focus on the students.”

“Leading with our values is crucial to us,” said Managing Director, Robin Millette. Their values include experience, knowledge, and dependability, which Partner Sarah Crain explains this way: “Acadia NorthStar’s services are ahead of the rest because we don’t offer only black and white services. We are not afraid to  to go into the gray areas by having someone on staff who can speak a school’s language and tie everything together.”

After listening to their clients, they kept hearing similar pain points, so they developed services to address those specific issues. This includes the following:

  • Developing a point of sale system for school lunches, donations, and field trips.
  • Creating a functional and affordable credit card program.
  • Producing a parent portal plug-in to help the school communicate more effectively with parents. It also allows parents to update demographic information at home, minimizing the school’s involvement.
  • Providing grant writing services for federal grants.
  • Offering remote technology support, saving their customers thousands of dollars, decreasing wait time for technology outages, and recommending on-site folks on an as-needed basis.

Acadia NorthStar also sponsors school events, backpack programs, the NC Association for Public Charter Schools, and golf events. This is an organization that is willing to put their money and their actions behind a cause, and the charter school movement in North Carolina is better because of them.

A few years’ ago, the LBL team was asked to support a public charter school that had a $500,000 debt from the previous year and multiple bad vendor contracts. Acadia helped LBL develop a cash flow forecast and a plan that not only eliminated the debt but also made it possible for us to finish the year with a six figure surplus. “If it wasn’t for the daily phone calls, sometimes at 7:00 a.m., and weekly check in bank balances from our Acadia representative, the school would have probably gone under that year,” Dr. Thomas Miller shared.  

Former Yale Professor Halford E. Luccock captures the need for partnership in these words: “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” Indeed, none of us can whistle a symphony alone; however, when we gather together the right players, we find ourselves making a beautiful impact. LBL and Acadia NorthStar’s partnership not only helps both organizations, it buoys and enriches our customers’ lives and extends our reach into the community.

Join Acadia and LBL for this transformational leadership event, Live2Lead, in Raleigh on October 12. Just a few tickets remain! Buy your tickets here!

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