“If you can be considerate by acknowledging your own struggles, and free up others to acknowledge theirs, then you can have more honest dialogue about how to get better.” – Joe Caraher

Today’s guest on The Principal’s Office Podcast is Joe Caraher, Director of Cornerstone Charter Academy: A TeamCFA School. Joe has helped lead Cornerstone to a new building in Greensboro, NC, where they house over 1000 students in kindergarten through 11th grade, and they approach their first class of graduating seniors in 2018-19. Joe’s common sense leadership style reflects the success of the school onto the great teachers and leaders that work around him, and his thirst knowledge and growth has helped Cornerstone become one of the best schools of choice in central NC. During our conversation, Joe and I discussed what it takes to compete with other great schools nearby, how he identifies and categorizes teaching candidates, and what books he turns to for leadership ideas. I know you will want to share this quick does of very real, very honest reflection on school leadership with other people in your professional network. Please enjoy this time with Joe Caraher.


3:05 Why do parents send their students to Cornerstone rather than their regular districted school?

5:02 What about your academic program sets you apart from other schools?

6:40 How do you compete with the traditional public schools not only in academics, but also with extra curriculars?

12:10 What is your process to identify quality teachers that fit the mission of your school?

16:10 What are your key strategies to help all teachers grow?

22:00 How did you make the move from teaching to leadership?

24:33 Is there someone that you would call your mentor for your professional journey in education?

25:40 What books would you recommend that you reference as the philosophical base of your leadership style?

28:10 What has changed in your approach to school leadership in the past year or two?

30:00 What is the key to charter school leader longevity?

32:20 What advice would you give to yourself at the beginning of your career and school leadership?

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