“Every day as schools there is a battle going on between the plan… and everything else.”

– Alex Quigley

For this episode of The Principal’s Office Podcast, we sat down with Alex Quigley to talk about leadership at the school, state, and family level. Alex is currently the Executive Director of Healthy Start Academy in Durham, NC, as well as the Chair of North Carolina’s Charter School Advisory Board. During our conversation, Alex digs into how he gauges progress while turning around a school, how he approaches the long middle months of the school year, and how a ship at sea is his go-to metaphor for school leadership. Make sure you listen to Alex’s answer at 29:00 when he talks about what he wants everyone to know about the Charter School Advisory Board. As a call to action, I recommend you evaluate who is on your “Bat Phone,” and reach out to them today. Remember to subscribe to the Principal’s Office Podcast on iTunes or Google Play!

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