Building an effective leadership team is by far one of the most critical tasks a leader must do. As I reread John Maxwell’s Law of Magnetism from his 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, I find this theory truly eye-opening as I embark to expand our team at Leaders Building Leaders.

Building an Effective Leadership Team

The Law of Magnetism says, “Who you are is who you attract.” The people on your team are rarely determined by what you want, but rather, by who you are. To build a strong team, you must understand the Law of Magnetism. The individuals that you have hired over the years are more likely to be like you then unlike you. Here are some of the commonalities you may share:


How often do you hire those out of your age range?


Ever notice how positive people attract positive people, negative people attract negative people? It is no different in organizations. Attitude is one of the most contagious qualities a human being possesses.


People attract – and are attracted to – others of similar backgrounds.


It does not matter whether the values you share are positive or negative. Either way, the attraction of both is equally strong. People marvel when I comment on the leadership skills of Hitler – hundreds of thousands followed him despite his values. No matter what character you possess, you will likely find these same qualities in the people who follow you.


It is a good thing that people with similar energy levels are attracted to one another. When you ask a high-energy person to work closely with a low-energy person, they can drive each other crazy (my colleague Geoff Gorski will understand perfectly). John Maxwell illustrates it perfectly with these thoughts, “The high-energy person thinks the low-energy person is lazy, and the low-energy person thinks the high-energy person is insane. Remember that the next time you are pairing people for a project!”

Leadership Ability

The people you attract will have a leadership ability similar to yours. It will be challenging for a leader with a skill level of a 6 out of 10 to hire someone who ranks at an 8 out 10 in terms of their leadership skills (read about Maxwell’s Law of Respect). You are more likely to draw in a level 4 or 5, and dismiss those at level 2 or 3 out of 10.

Call to Action

The very nature of having a strong, diverse team means learning to embrace, respect and celebrate your team’s experiences, identities and skills. An article in Forbes Magazine by Raquel Baldelomar noted, “When you recruit team members that come from different geographical regions, races, religions, backgrounds and ways of thinking, a leader must find ways to balance the team so that they can work well together and respect each other.” My mentor, John Maxwell, always reminds us to build a team that completes, not a team that competes. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people who think differently, you will be closer to achieving your dream.  If you violate the Law of Magnetism, and surround yourself with team members who are “too much alike” and barely capable of working together, your dream will most likely turn into a nightmare.

This blog was written by Dr. Thomas Miller, transformational coach and strategic thinking partner for Leaders Building Leaders. To schedule a complimentary discovery call with Tom click this link. Your discovery call will consist of questions like:

  • What challenges are you or the organization currently facing?
  • What keeps you up at night worrying?
  • What challenges and obstacles do they foresee over the next 6-12 months that may test the team’s weak points? What is it that they personal struggle at in meeting this challenge?
  • What would their organization look/feel like operating at its optimum level?
  • What does personal success look like to you?
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