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To be an effective leader you must have vision

On October 6, we hosted a 100 leaders for a leadership conference in Raleigh called, “Live2Lead” where leadership expert, John Maxwell, served as  one of the speakers. During his talk, John stated that the number one characteristic of an effective leader is vision....

How do you improve your ability to lead others?

“Those who think they lead and have no one who follow are merely taking a walk.” This leadership proverb has shaped the way I have viewed leadership since the first time I read it over three years ago. It defines my daily actions, communications, decision-making and...

What’s your top ten?

When I first became a principal over forty years ago, the world was a very different place and I was a very different person. Having achieved my goal of being a principal at the age of twenty-eight, I was pretty full of myself and was proud that I had authority over...

What is it that you really desire in life?

I have recently read two books on the topic of “Questions” from my mentors, John Maxwell (Good Leaders Ask Great Questions) and speaker coach and mentor, Roddy Galbraith (Go Out and Make a Mess). These books could not have come at a more opportune moment for me as...

Want to write a successful charter application?

In North Carolina the authorizers of public charter schools have rejected over 75% percent of applications over the last two years. Long gone are the days where 40-50% of applications are being approved. There is a lengthy evaluation process that entails multiple...

Avoid burnout and utilize your energy

This summer my family and I had the opportunity to embark on a Gulf Stream fishing trip. We caught over 300 lbs of Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Barracuda, Bonito and a few other species. It is certainly a day I will never forget that was filled with one key leadership lesson.  ...

What did you look at during the eclipse?

  I hope that everyone had the chance to look up at the sun, safely, and watch science in action. As a science teacher, I always worked to bring lessons to life by applying them to real examples in our world. It was thrilling to watch an event that nature brings...

What is most responsible for your school’s success?

Today I have two questions for you to answer: Do you find that the school you lead or work for is successful? If yes, what is the main reason for that success? When I was a teacher, I was never sure if the schools I taught for were successful. If they were indeed...

Nothing Worthwhile Was Accomplished Alone

Recently while attending the National Charter School Conference in Washington DC I was able to take a jog through the monuments. These leaders were the catalyst and change agents for ultimate reform in our country. My jog took me past the Washington Monument, down to...

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Covering the most critical areas in public charter school leadership (culture, building teams, strategy, leading yourself, and execution); certified executive coaches and former public charter school principals Dr. Thomas Miller and Geoff Gorski aim for these calls to be a strategic resource for you to make a difference in the lives of others.

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