Nothing Worthwhile Was Accomplished Alone

Recently while attending the National Charter School Conference in Washington DC I was able to take a jog through the monuments. These leaders were the catalyst and change agents for ultimate reform in our country. My jog took me past the Washington Monument, down to...

How High Will You Climb?

Recently Geoff and I had the opportunity to travel to Big Sky, Montana to teach principles of effective school governance and leadership at the annual TeamCFA Conference. During a hike to the top of Lone Mountain (elevation just under 12,000 ft), I saw a sign that...

Why is golf so long dad?

This weekend I was watching the PGA championship and was explaining to my daughter that each tournament is four consecutive days that consists of 72 holes. She asked, why is it so long? It is to reward the most consistent player I said. To acknowledge the one player...

Hope is NOT a Strategy

Did the school you lead meet its 2016-2017 goals? By goals I mean the goals that were in writing, approved by the Board and shared with staff. If so, congratulations. How are you going to build on that growth next year? If not, what are you going to do differently...

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