Leaders Building Leaders Core Values


We are so grateful and blessed for the opportunity to serve other school leaders and the communities they serve.


We are committed to your success. If you do not succeed, neither do we.


Our way is not the only way and despite our decades of experience, we know that we don’t know everything. That’s what keeps us hungry!


We strive to provide honest and transparent feedback.


Being former school leaders we know how challenging it is to lead other human beings. We aim not to judge any situation a school or individual may find themselves in. If you knew me well 5-10 years ago, you might not be reading this.


Transformation requires open communication, ideas and coming together to achieve a common goal. We run alongside our partnerships, not out in front.

Mentors and Teaching Team

 Dr. Thomas Miller

Dr. Thomas Miller is the founder of Leaders Building Leaders, an organization aimed at being the difference-maker in the leadership development of individuals and organizations. Thomas believes that everything rises and falls on leadership. He combines his John C. Maxwell Team leadership certification with his public charter school leadership research and teaching experiences to help public charter schools navigate a course from success to significance.

His dissertation study, How Effective K-8 North Carolina Charter Schools Meet Their Purposes, led him to a position as an Education Consultant in the North Carolina Office of Charter Schools. There, he led initiatives focused on the charter school application process, the preliminary planning year for State Board of Education approved public charter schools and state-wide governance trainings. Before his tenure as a charter school director, Thomas spent seven years teaching students with disabilities in New Hanover County where he received National Board Certification as an Exceptional Children’s Educator.

His vision for Leaders Building Leaders is to be a committed extension of the public charter school’s leadership team. By partnering with public charter schools focused on “getting it right” for children, Thomas hopes to help build high-performance charter schools that meet their promise to the communities they serve. Learn more about Thomas on his Linked In page. Email Thomas at [email protected]

 Geoff Gorski

Geoff About 2Geoff Gorski is a career educator who has spent the last six years as a public charter school principal and teacher. Additionally, Geoff previously taught in North Carolina at New Hanover County Schools and in New York City Schools. Working in a wide variety of settings, serving schools in urban, suburban, and rural communities at both the elementary and middle school level, Geoff has built a broad perspective on effective schools and school leadership.

Geoff believes that student learning is maximized in a community-focused school environment, where all stakeholders focus on one question – What is best for the students?  His passion for building a learning community at the classroom and the school level has led to high performing schools, classrooms, and teams in every school setting. His vision for Leaders Building Leaders is to help schools identify and magnify their greatest assets, analyze and reform their biggest deficiencies, and inform and support leaders in making decisions.

Email Geoff at [email protected]

Budd Dingwall

image1Budd Dingwall is a nationally recognized elementary principal (NAESP’s National Distinguished Principal and Nationally Certified Mentor of Principals) and has led his schools to national awards (Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence and Bronze Medal of Healthy Schools Awards). With over 30 years of educational leadership, Budd joins the Leaders Building Leaders team providing a depth of experience ranging from School Principal to System Assessment Director to State Non-Profit Executive Director. Budd’s brand of servant leadership builds and empowers administrators, teachers and staff while creating a climate of trust and teamwork.

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